Writing Prompt Templates can be super messy. Prompt templates are long, hard to manage, and must be continuously tweaked to improve and keep the same throughout the application.

With Prem, writing and managing prompts can be super easy. The Templates tab inside the launchpad helps you write as many prompts you need and use it inside the SDK to make your application running using those prompts.

✌️ This guide shows you how to create a prompt template and use it using Prem SDK.


Go the Templates section of Launchpad

Inside the Templates section, hit the ➕ button to create a new prompt template.


Design your prompt template

Designing a new template is easy. Add a name to the prompt template and provide the contents of the template. A prompt template contains several variables that are passed dynamically during runtime. You can enter your variable name inside ${}. Here is an example:

In the application it should look like this:


Hit the ➕ create button and your prompt template is created.


Using the prompt template with Prem SDK

Once we create a prompt template, we can see all our list of prompt templates.


Now, you need to copy the template ID to use it. The template ID appears just below the name of the prompt template. Here, in case you missed it.


Once copied we can use it in our SDK.

That’s it. Thats how easy it is to create and manage prompt templates in Prem.