With Prem, monitoring your AI project’s performance is straightforward. The Traces page provides detailed insights into all requests and responses, ensuring you’re always in control.


It’s crucial to have robust monitoring and tracing capabilities to ensure a Large Language Model’s reliability and efficiency. Prem provides a comprehensive interface and SDK to enable real-time monitoring and tracing of LLMs, empowering developers and stakeholders to gain valuable insights into model performance, identify and resolve issues, and continuously improve the model’s behavior.

Why Monitoring and Tracing are Essential

Monitoring and tracing are key for LLM performance optimization. These observability tools allow you to assess the efficiency of your LLM in real-time. By identifying performance bottlenecks and anomalies, you can take proactive measures to optimize the model’s performance and ensure a smooth user experience.

Prem’s monitoring and tracing tools are specifically designed for LLMs.

Key features

  • Real-time Monitoring: Track key performance metrics, such as latency and throughput, in real-time through our intuitive interface.

  • Output Logging: Capture and log the model’s outputs for detailed analysis and debugging.

  • Visualization and Analytics: Take a deeper look and view the raw output. Leverage our analytics tools to gain insights into model performance trends and output patterns.

  • SDK Integration: Seamlessly integrate monitoring and tracing capabilities into your existing workflows using our SDK, which supports popular programming languages and frameworks.

  • Scalability and Performance: Prem is designed to handle the scale and complexity of LLMs, ensuring efficient monitoring and tracing even for large-scale deployments.